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Distraction Feeding

While all that runs in the mother’s mind is to ensure that her child finishes the bowl of meal that she has brought during the feeding session, a few of us resort to distraction feeding without realising that we are doing more harm than good to them in the long run.

While most of the facebook groups promote that the child shouldn’t be force fed or fed with distractions, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to succumb to either familial pressure or the countless pending things on our to-do list which make us take the help of either mobile or television to play their favourite rhymes or cartoons or songs or sometimes allow them to play their favourite games.

I have come across children as young as 6-8 months to youngsters who sit glued in front of the screens while eating. The kids neither do not enjoy their meals nor do they know the quantity that they are consuming which may lead to being lean or obese which causes harm in the long run.

As parents, it becomes our primary responsibility to ensure that our child picks up healthy and right eating habits. This can be started right from the weaning stage.

✅Needless to say that as part of self feeding, kids are made to eat on their own without distractions however as part of traditional weaning approach, parents must ensure that kids are made to sit on either booster or high chair and fed if they are small. Once they grow they should me made to sit in the dining area or any place with less distractions

✅Parents should try to co-eat with their kids so that the kids will know that even parents are eating the same food as them. Hence less fuss.

✅ Explain the nutrients that they are eating and benefits of the same

✅try to experiment with the dishes around what they prefer.

❌ Do not take the help of electronic gadgets or toys while feeding

❌ Do not bribe the child with sweets or chocolates or savouries on finishing their meal.

❌ Do not put the child on your legs and force feed

❌ Do not carry the child outside and feed by showing the sky or the greenery or the play things in the park.

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Journey of U’s 9th month

🍭Foods introduced

🌟 Avocado 🥑

🌟 Paneer (little)

🌟 Banana 🍌 rusks

🌟 Apple rice cake

🌟 Raisins

🥞 Dosa

New Places visited 🚗🚊

🏖 Brighton beach 🏝

🐧 Philip Island 🌴

🐨 Maru Koala and Animal Park


🚼Crawled for the first time on April 12th 🎊in the morning while talking to his grandma and aunt on video call.

😆Laughs hysterically

👨‍👦Gets super excited to see his dad when he comes home for lunch and also returns from work

🤔Has become very naughty

😴 underwent sleep regression and growth spurt

🤳 Can pose for selfie 🤳 like a pro

🛏 For the first time slept for close to 6hours straight without demanding for milk

😛 sticks his tongue out most of the times

🎵Fav rhyme: Five little monkeys 🐒 jumping on the bed 🛏

🥞 Fav food : Dosa💕

🎏 Fav pastime : Peek-a-boo

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The moment of realisation

The theme for this month’s ‘Life of Real Moms’ is ‘Surviving Motherhood‘ and today’s prompt is ‘That moment‘ which comprised the most significant moment of parenting journey..

my entry for that is-

I was elated when i saw the two lines in my pregnancy test.. however the actual ‘Aha’ moment came in when in 4th month i started bleeding due to low lying placenta and thought i would be losing my unborn.. I was at office when that happened and called up my husband to rush immediately to office as we had to go to doctor. Though it was barely a 5 minute drive, i cried my heart out holding his hand saying we are gonna lose the baby.. He called up my mom and told the situation, she consoled me saying they would give an injection but I wasn’t convinced and continued to cry till i reached the hospital and saw that the bleeding had stopped. The duty doctor panicked me saying that it was a likely abortion and stuff but I was lil hopeful that I would retain my lil one. But the nurses told that its a common case these days and not to worry. Later was asked to get a scan done next day and I was keeping my fingers crossed till the radiologist confirmed that the junior was still there without a hint of ordeal that was going around❣️He was born a premie (at 8months) with low birth weight and today he is 8months old.. he has become our strength and reason to be happy.. He continues to spread joy in everybody he comes across.. 😘

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8th month progress

We have now shifted base to Melbourne and have had lot of learning experiences. As they say ‘Time shows who people are’, definitely this month had a lot of ups and downs.. People whom we had expected to shoulder us let us down and whom we had no expectations have hand held us.

Without further digress, coming to this month’s progress of my little Kangaroo

🌻 U can now 🌻

📌 crawl backwards at a faster pace

📌hold wires

📌hold bowls 🥣

📌sit without support for close to 5 minutes if we make him sit

📌can pose for the camera 📷 like a pro

📌say mum-ma, am-ma, ta-ta. Att-at-te , da-da and talk gibberish (especially at night)

📌sat on his own a couple of times. The moment he got to know that he has sat, he goes back to lie down

♥️ U loves to ♥️

📌fiddle with plastic covers

📌play with bowls. He bangs the bowls against the table top and starts laughing 😆 hysterically when he hears the ‘bang’ sound

📌crawl backwards all over the house

📌 pose for selfies🤳 (donno who taught him)

🚫U hates🚫

📍 rice


🥣 Foods introduced 🥣

🍠Sweet potato (din’t like)

🍌Banana (likes)

🥣Cerelac -muesli with 🍌 and 🍎 (eats if offered along with banana or puree)

🥣farex with oats on the go breakfast (he ate it but it likely caused loosies)

🍦 yogurt ( likes)

He likes to eat what we eat be it mashed rice, dal or beetroot. He stares at our plates and our faces if we do not offer him what we eat. 😆

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Ragi porridge recipe

As mother’s one constant worry is the kids nutrition. Especially when we start weaning, we have umpteen questions in our mind-

will it suit my baby?

will the baby like it?

Can it be easily digested by the little one?

A time tested first food that we have all grown up eating is the ragi porridge which we relish even now (slightly varied recipe while preparing the powder for grown ups)

Before I digress further, let me share the recipe


2 kg ragi

1/4 kg green gram

1/4 kg wheat

1/4 kg rice

1/4 tsp pepper (optional. to be added before getting it powdered)

Powder preparation Method

  • Soak Ragi and allow it to sprout.
  • Soak the following overnight: green grams, wheat,rice
  • Tie these in a cloth for a day (just like how we prepare paneer out of curd).
  • Allow it to dry in shade for a day then dry it in sun for a couple of days.
  • fry all these and powder it

Porridge preparation Method:

  • Boil water and allow it to cool
  • In a bowl take the required amount of powder (start with half tbsp and increase it gradually)
  • Add a tsp of ghee and the boiled water and stir continuously till there are no lumps. (Should be little watery than the purée consistency)
  • In a small frying pan, add this mixture and allow it to heat while stirring continuously

P.S if it becomes too thick add more water and bring it to purée consistency before feeding the baby

Recipe credits to my mom who has prepared it for Baby ‘U’. Though initially he detested it, he is liking this these days (*touch wood*)

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Here is how U’s 7th month progressed

Phew time flies.. 6 months have passed since baby U’s birth and time has passed in a jiffy 🤷‍♀️

We have moved in with my cousin S since we have only a month to go in Sydney after which we will be travelling to Melbourne as N has got his next assignment there.

🎤 Highlights of this month 🎤

🌟 celebrated his birthday 🎂 at our westmead house 🏠

🌟 now tries to sit on his own.

🌟 Can sit without support for close to 4 minutes before leaning over to one of his sides

🌟 crawls backwards and tries to flap his arms and legs (as if trying to do a backstroke 🏊‍♂️) while pushing himself forward

🌟 got vaccinated for 6th month. Luckily he dint get fever and was active through out the day

🌟 seems to have gotten over the fear of dark and doesn’t become cranky when we take him out in the night

🌟 is now 65cms tall

🌟 tries to stand if we hold him on the ground

🌟 On hearing the words ‘doori doori’, he tries to swing himself back and forth on his own

🌟 when we put him on our leg and do see-saw and stop after a while, he tries to repeat the action

🌟 the moment his mama and dad come from office, he tries to jump and wants to be carried by them for a few minutes

🌟 has improved pincer grip.

🌟 for the first time, Kangaroo (nicknamed him Kangaroo as he needs to be held most of the times and also likes to be worn) went out with his dad and maama to Coles 🛒 without me.. Yaay that’s definitely an achievement😍

❣️Kangaroo loves to ❣️

🌟 Eat. He can recognise the food items and opens his mouth ready to be fed.

🌟 loves his carrot 🥕- pear 🍐 – dates , apple 🍎 – pear 🍐 and dates, ragi serri mum-mum

🌟 loves to travel

🌟 still loves to be held

🚫 Kangaroo dislikes 🚫

🌟 rice 🍚 mum-mum

🌟 at times gets irritated if we cuddle or kiss him.. growing up yousee!! 🚼

🌟 beetrootmum-mum

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A letter to my adorable boy

Dear U,

Hope you get to read this someday when the time is right.. which I feel is the teens for that is the right age for you to understand what I have got to say.

  • Accept the world as it is: There is a saying which goes like this-Its not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings’. So it becomes my responsibility to tell you as to how to face the world that ceases to be all it used to be till now for you. You get to see the real side of the world now- Competition, jealousy, selfishness, mistrust and what not. Yet, don’t generalize that the world is bad; for without all these, life becomes dull.
  • Don’t succumb to pressure:All I want to tell you is , even I have been through all the uncertainties and the confusions that you are going through now. We as parents, may sometimes be forced to succumb to the societal pressures and would expect you to lead life in a certain way. It doesn’t mean that we have stopped loving you or caring for you. Give us time, talk to us and make us understand as to what and why you think what you are doing is right.. we will surely understand and support you.
  • Seek help at times of uncertainty: At this age, I do agree that all you need is a patient ear to hear what you got to say. Everything you see tempts you to give a try. I wouldn’t stop you from doing what is right but please be honest and truthful to yourself. If you feel its right do it, when you are unsure, I am always there for you. Tell me what you are going through and how you are feeling, for I can’t read or understand all the zillion thoughts that swish across your mind. I do know that you are equally nervous as I am about you.
  • Don’t regret: Be confident and bold about yourself. When you feel that something is wrong, stand up and fight for yourself and the ones who deserve to be fought for but also know when to hold back. If you realize that you have done something wrong, don’t regret for we all learn from our mistakes. Each time you fall down, don’t forget to pick yourself up and go on in life.
  • Stick to your principles. Never compromise on your ideals due to peer pressure but don’t be resilient to change as well.
  • Fall in love and stay put: Though people say that love is surreal. I would say its the most beautiful feeling and a bliss if you find the right person. Don’t shun away from it. All I request you is once you commit, never shudder away.. for it is wrong. There will be in-numerous dreams, hopes and aspirations from you. Never let down the person at any cost, for you will be their support system. Also remember no relationship is perfect. It is within us to try to make it perfect. If need arises, fight for each other than fighting with each other. If there are misunderstandings, sit down and sort it out. Only when you feel that you are not amicable with each other and nothing can be done to keep the relationship alive, think of separation as it is the last resort. Remember that though there may be thousand reasons to give up, only one strong reason is enough to hold on.
  • Don’t hurt anyone: Never cause pain to anyone. Nobody bothers if you are not of help but don’t be the reason for someone’s pain. If something is bothering you, take a break from what you are doing and contemplate with a calm mind. If it still bothers you, talk to anyone you are comfortable with.
  • Do not forget- You are special. Learn to listen to what your heart has got to tell for it know what is right for you. Be self-sufficient, self-confident and happy always but not self-centered.

When things go wrong, it is for a short period of time. Don’t lose hope and give up. Once the tough phase passes, you will sit back and laugh at it.

  • Respect women: Lastly, being a boy, please do respect women- be it your family or friends or the stranger on the road. Never degrade anyone for it doesn’t harm them but you will fall in their eyes.

(If you had been a girl, I would have told you to remember that you are special and there is nothing impossible. When someone says that you cannot do it, put in a little more effort and see the results for yourself. Am sure it will leave the person spellbound. )

  • Don’t be judgemental: Never judge anyone for each person will be fighting their own demons, insecurities and shortcomings.

Live the moment else it becomes a memory.

Love you loads and here are my hugs and kisses..

Your loving Mom..

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Right Upbringing

In this age of having single child and humongous money, parents tend to fulfil all the wishes of their children. This in turn in future may make the child not take ‘No’ for an answer. Hence it becomes the primary duty of the parents right from the start to ensure that though all ‘needs’ are fulfilled it is not necessary to fulfil all the ‘wants’ of the child 👶 🧒

Such children who have never got a ‘No’ for an answer may likely be emotionally weak and as we see during results season that few students commit suicides on scoring low marks or when they do not get what they wish.

Not only the materialistic things, there are a lot of things that needs to be taught to the children right through the young age.

✏️ A gender neutral parenting must be done such that both boys and girls do not hurt the other and also be empathetic towards each other

✏️ We must teach our children to respect elders and also help anyone in need

✏️ We must teach our children to sometimes put the needs of others before our own.

✏️ Rather than being jealous and insecure about others, we must teach them to be content with what we have and continuously strive to be better than ourselves every single day.

Children must be accepted for who they are. Our duty as parents is to accept, appreciate and cherish our Children for what they are.

Each child is unique in its own

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6th month progress

🎤Highlights of this month😌🎤

🏆 Baby U can do the following now🏆 🌟

🌟 Roll over on his tummy (He rolled over on Jan4th midnight at 12:40 am when i woke up to feed him. I was very happy as it relieved one of my anxieties. People around me had started asking if he had rolled over since he was 3months. Now i can say that he did 😘😘 thanks baby. ) which is a perfect new year gift to me and his dad

🌟Stare at our plates when he is not being fed

🌟Suck his thumb-toe(started this from 8th Jan😂)

🌟 He has been sightseeing places in and around Sydney. He loves travelling. He has seen Harbour bridge View Point, Circular Quay, Opera House, Hunter’s valley (a place where the entire resort is decked up in LED lights in various themes for Christmas), Darling Harbor, Madamme Tussads, Sydney tower Eye, S.E.A life Aquarium, Sikh Temple, Helensberg, Buddhist Monastery, Bald Hill, Sea cliff bridge and Blow Point at Kiama.

🌟 Saw and enjoyed fireworks 🎇 on New Year day. We had thought he would fear the lights and sounds however he thoroughly enjoyed the display of lights

🌟 He needs me during late evenings and nights. He is reluctant to be in his Dad’s company. (hope he changes)

🌟 This time around he celebrated his birthday at his Maama’s (S’s) house 🎂 🎁

🌟 He seems to have grown tall (measures around 61 cms) and has grown hair on his head now

🌟 He still wants to be carried in all his waking hours 🤱

🌟 Our stay in Sydney has brought over magnanimous changes in the three of us. It has shown us that baby feels secure in my hands. It has made me independent in that take care of Baby U as well as perform the household duties. N has changed a lot in that he has started helping around in the kitchen and also has learnt the art of keeping Baby U engaged. Am glad to see the father and son bond with each other

🌟 Started his first semi solid food of ragi serri on 15th

🌟 He can roll over and roll back continuously and has been enjoying his tummy time a lot

🌟 Earlier he could roll over on his left side but has started to roll over on both sides

🌟 He celebrated his first Sankranti 🎉 at his Uncle’s house where there was a get together and later at his Maama’s house.

🌟 He went on his first boat 🚣‍♀️ ride at S.E.A life Aquarium at Sydney where they send us on penguin 🐧 expedition at 6degrees temperature.

🌟He has started teething and i can see the outline of his bottom incisors

U loves

🌟 He laughs when i wipe him near his chest and also when i kiss near his belly button.

🌟 being fed apple 🍎 or carrot 🥕 puree

🌟 being sung to (is a big fan of classical music and devara naamas)

🌟 Being held and taken for a stroll

🚫 U hates 🚫

🌟If he doesn’t get attention when there are people around him

🌟 If no one is around when he wakes up after his nap

🌟 while in a video call if people don’t talk to him and talk to others

🌟 doesn’t like ragi porridge 🥣 much

🌟 He seems to hate or i would rather say he fears dark. When he is travelling in the night he becomes cranky

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Immunization or Vaccination as it is generally known to people is one major things to be taken care of regarding the baby’s development.

Generally the confusion is whether to opt for Vaccinations that cause Pain or the Painless category. While it is believed that on administering the baby with vaccines that cause pain, baby may get fever and may experience pain for close to 24hours or so and while the painless ones as the name indicates doesn’t inflict any pain and may or may not result in fever which if any will be there for a few hours.

The myth that surrounds the Vaccinations is that if the baby is administered the Pain inducing one, then the vaccine tends to boost its immunity however there is no actual fact to prove the same.

When I consulted U’s paediatrician regarding the same, he told me that in foreign countries there is no concept of Pain or Painless ones and that all kids are administered Painless ones. He also asked me to ponder over the fact that if Painless ones were harmful, why doctors abroad would administer those vaccinations?

Have tried to bust the myth associated with vaccines with this post.

P.S so far all vaccines given to baby U are Painless ones