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Baby U’s 10th month progress

The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority.” ~ Olivia Wilde

Baby U is now 10 months old and he has become naughtier by the day.. Now you may ask as to which child is not naughty? If you had asked me last month, i would gave proudly told my baby U is a very decent and god gifted child (the second part is still true) however it is becoming very difficult to manage him these days as he finds ways to tire me out📣Highlights of the month📣

🎉 He stood up on his own by holding me on May 2nd. The best birthday present 🎁to me

🎉He crawled the entire house and crossed the carpet area onto the tile area😍(another gift)

😂 he can turn on and off the tap in the sink of the bathroom on his own (Gosh how does he pick up only those things that he wants and not what we teach 🤔)

🚪 Has learnt to open the door by lowering the door handle

💻loves typing away on his daddy’s laptop

🖥 loves watching rhymes (he is allowed to watch tv for a short period when he is cranky and mom has some urgent work to be done)

📱loves playing with the mobile

🍽 having taken him to a restaurant (Chilli India) and strapped onto a high chair, he was cranky all the way and wanted to explore a bit around the cutlery. He wanted to bang the plates on the table and try holding the fork and spoon and also wanted to pull the plates with the dishes on. Finally managed to get a plastic plate for him with which he played (read bang and make noise) for quite sometime before becoming cranky and crying out loud till he was picked up from the high chair and held. He ate home cooked sooji halwa (minus sugar) and also got to taste the Roti Chenai (which was more like kerala parota) and Garlic Roti.

🥗Foods introduced🥗

🎃 pumpkin purée

🥔 aloo parantha

🥦 broccoli soup🍵

🥗Green Peas

🥦 Broccoli parantha

🍲Spinach khichdi

🍲dal khichdi




spot in the house: verandah near bathroom and the bathroom 🙆🏻‍♀️


  • crawling all over the house🚼
  • standing with support🚹
  • jumping
  • Playing with the remote
  • 📖 flash cards
  • Playing with the ball⚽️

🥣 Foods🥣

  • Khichdi
  • Banana 🍌

🎶 Rhymes

🎵10 in the bed 🛏

🎵5 little monkeys 🐒

🎵 Once I caught a fish 🎣 alive

🎵 Incy wincy spider🕷

🎵Wheels on the bus 🚌

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