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11th month Progress

Hello peeps!!

Hope all of you are doing good..

There are a lot of changes and new things that baby U has been doing.

One thing is he has become very naughty and keeps me and his dad on our toes.

🌼Highlights of this month🌼

⭐️Can pull himself up to stand with the help of a couch, shoulders or even the glass wall that separates the kitchen from the balcony. He doesn’t like to be seated or lie on his back and loves standing a lot

⭐️loves scooting around the house

⭐️Loves to take a bite of everything that is on our plates (especially his pappa’s)

⭐️Babbles a lot- amm-mma, ta-ta, da-da, ma-ma, at-ta

⚽️ Can spin the ball while playing and passing it to us

🤝Can understand a few words like ‘say hello’ , ‘shake hands’ , ‘go there and get the ball’, ‘come here’, ‘give this to mom/dad’ , ‘sit here’.

🤝can shake hands while giving a hello

🤭 he reciprocates our laughter and knows when we are trying to make him smile and laughs hysterically

📚 Went to library for the first time

📚 attended songbirds for the first time.. (Songbirds is a program in the local library where parents can bring in their kids and one person from the library sings rhymes with actions and reads out a couple of stories). Baby U enjoyed it thoroughly and most importantly he was eager to pick out books from the shelves in the reading section

⭐️can open bottle and tube caps on his own by unscrewing them

⭐️knows when am hurt and tries to make me smile by either smiling or by hugging 🤗 (who says babies can’t understand what’s going on around them!)

⭐️can pick up things using thumb and pointer finger (pincer grasp)

⭐️looks at the ball when asked to point and gets the ball when asked to

⭐️can hold two objects, one in each hand and bang them against each other.


Few firsts

🥣sweet potato 🍠 and carrot 🥕 khichdi

🥣jam( a tiny winy bit)

🥣carrot 🥕 halwa( sans sugar)

🥣beetroot halwa (sans sugar)

🥣sabudana for the first time in the form of porridge

🥣strawberries 🍓

🥣green grapes

💕Loves playing with his red ⚽️. He has become a pro in passing it back. He has learnt to spin it🙈💕

Favourite rhyme: Hickory Dickery dock and 5 lil monkeys 🐒

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