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13th month progress

The 13th month has been a month of lot of firsts for both of us.

The two of us travelled to India amidst a lot of apprehensions. N dropped us to the airport till check-in at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport which was quite helpful as it would have been difficult to manage a toddler( oh yes! He is a toddler nowπŸ™ˆ) and the luggage. Though he was playful and quiet most of the journey, he became cranky due to sudden change in air pressure during landing at Kuala Lampur and take off as he was very sleepy and also angry that I am putting him through the flight ordeal again. Luckily he slept during landing at Bengaluru πŸ€—πŸ˜ . He wasn’t ready to sit in stroller and had to be put into the carrier at times.

He has been missing his dad a big time now and the same from his dad too.

I was rather sceptical that he wouldn’t go to anyone at home but he surprised me by going to everyone in ten minutes of seeing them.

He got to eat a variety of foods including veggies and am glad that am able to stick to the no-salt and no-sugar rule still most of the times.

Got him immunised with the vaccines scheduled for 12 months

🍴 Few first eats 🍴

🌟 ottu shavige (home made vermicelli) 🍝

🌟 juice from tender coconut πŸ₯₯

🌟 juice from doddapatre (Indian Mint)

🌟 banana(elakki variety) 🍌

🌟 pomegranate

🌟 mango pulp

🌟 cane juice πŸ₯€

🌟 wheat halwa

🌟 tambittu (a sweet made from rice flour and jaggery)

🌟 chow chow vegetable

🌟 papaya

🌟 lady’s finger

🌟 chapathi with milk πŸ₯›

🌟 home made cake πŸŽ‚

Places visited

✈️ Bangalore with transit in Kuala Lampur

πŸš— cab rides to Maama’s and Atte’s house


🌟 Pushes a stool and walks all over the house

🌟 becomes possessive of his stuff. If anyone touches his toys, he starts crying.

🌟 has learnt to clap if people around him sing (raam raam sita ram) or when somebody else claps or when somebody instructs him to ‘clap’

🌟 can raise hand in the form of praying

🌟 he pushes the hands if he doesn’t want to eat or go to someone

🌟 is trying to stand on his own without support

🌟 responds to a lot of words now.

🌟 able to feel a couple of front teeth however it is yet to sprout fully

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