baby, child behaviour

14th month progress

Baby U has become naughtier in his toddler days

🌹 He doesn’t sit still at a place nor does he eat as he would a couple of months ago. He wants variety dishes

🌹 He celebrated gokulashtami by dressing up like Krishna and also gowri and ganesha

🌹 He looked very adorable in his kachhe panche that he wore for shravana shanivara and also the krishna attire for gokulashtami

🌹 He attended a couple of birthday parties- one of my friend’s kid’s birthday and also his Dad’s Cousin’s daughter’s birthday

🌹 On seeing him, most of the relatives told us that he is lean yet active and a couple of them told that he resembles his uncle (dad’s bro )

🌹 We celebrated his birthday (belated) at Mysore, ayush homa at Bangalore and also housewarming ceremony of our new house at Bangalore..

🌹 he sat in the driver’s seat on his dad’s lap and was turning the steering wheel. πŸš—

🌹 he now points his hand asking us to take him in the direction he points at

New foods

He has tasted tiny morsels of many new dishes:

🌟 tamarind rasam

🌟 vegetable bath

🌟 bele obbattu

🌟 chapathi dipped in milk

🌟 pickle

🌟pastry (german black forest)πŸŽ‚

🌟 lemon rice

🌟 dry fruits payasam

Places visited

🌟 airport to pick his dad

⭐️ mysore to celebrate gowri and ganesha festival

🌟 Venugopala swamy temple in KRS backwaters

🌟 Chamundi hills

🌟 Infosys, Mysore campus

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