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Baby U’s 10th month progress

"The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority." ~ Olivia Wilde

baby, baby food, child behaviour, child uniqueness, gender neutrality, momnme, parenting, semi solids, weaning

8th month progress

We have now shifted base to Melbourne and have had lot of learning experiences. As they say 'Time shows who people are', definitely this month had a lot of ups and downs.. People whom we had expected to shoulder us let us down and whom we had no expectations have hand held us. Without further… Continue reading 8th month progress

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A letter to my adorable boy

Dear U, Hope you get to read this someday when the time is right.. which I feel is the teens for that is the right age for you to understand what I have got to say. Accept the world as it is: There is a saying which goes like this-'Its not what you do for… Continue reading A letter to my adorable boy