16th month

It is a month of many occasions 🎉 Firstly it is his parents anniversary month and they have been married for four years now. 💉He got his 15th month's vaccination 🎊He took his first steps independently on our Indian festival-Deepawali (on 6th November 2018) 💃 🚶‍♂️ 🎉 Its the month his aunt is getting married… Continue reading 16th month

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15th month progress

There were a lot of things that happened in his 15th month. His dad travelled back to Melbourne and baby U could sense that his dad was leaving him so he became cranky. The entire month he was not in good health as he had loosies initially followed by running nose and cough which gave… Continue reading 15th month progress

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13th month progress

The 13th month has been a month of lot of firsts for both of us. The two of us travelled to India amidst a lot of apprehensions. N dropped us to the airport till check-in at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport which was quite helpful as it would have been difficult to manage a toddler( oh yes!… Continue reading 13th month progress

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What’s in a name!! -My name story

One may ask what's in a name? Name is the identity that our parents give us. It is the only thing apart from our body that goes with us to the grave. There will be a lot of apprehensions whole choosing the name of a new born. In fact the moment a woman gets pregnant,… Continue reading What’s in a name!! -My name story

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11th month Progress

Hello peeps!! Hope all of you are doing good.. There are a lot of changes and new things that baby U has been doing. One thing is he has become very naughty and keeps me and his dad on our toes. 🌼Highlights of this month🌼 ⭐️Can pull himself up to stand with the help of… Continue reading 11th month Progress

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Baby U’s 10th month progress

"The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority." ~ Olivia Wilde

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Distraction Feeding

While all that runs in the mother's mind is to ensure that her child finishes the bowl of meal that she has brought during the feeding session, a few of us resort to distraction feeding without realising that we are doing more harm than good to them in the long run. While most of the… Continue reading Distraction Feeding

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Journey of U’s 9th month

🍭Foods introduced 🌟 Avocado 🥑 🌟 Paneer (little) 🌟 Banana 🍌 rusks 🌟 Apple rice cake 🌟 Raisins 🥞 Dosa New Places visited 🚗🚊 🏖 Brighton beach 🏝 🐧 Philip Island 🌴 🐨 Maru Koala and Animal Park ❣️Highlights❣️ 🚼Crawled for the first time on April 12th 🎊in the morning while talking to his grandma… Continue reading Journey of U’s 9th month

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The moment of realisation

The theme for this month's 'Life of Real Moms' is 'Surviving Motherhood' and today's prompt is 'That moment' which comprised the most significant moment of parenting journey.. my entry for that is- I was elated when i saw the two lines in my pregnancy test.. however the actual 'Aha' moment came in when in 4th… Continue reading The moment of realisation

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8th month progress

We have now shifted base to Melbourne and have had lot of learning experiences. As they say 'Time shows who people are', definitely this month had a lot of ups and downs.. People whom we had expected to shoulder us let us down and whom we had no expectations have hand held us. Without further… Continue reading 8th month progress